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Friday, July 8, 2016

God’s Merciful Forgiveness

I am still in Joshua in my reading project.  This morning Joshua 9 – 10.  I came away astonished at the forgiving mercy of God.
God’s Merciful Forgiveness
In Joshua 9 we read of the Gibeonites con of the nation of Israel.  You know the story, they put on worn clothes, filled worn out tack with moldy provisions, and told the leaders of Israel they were from a far country.  Without inquiring of the Lord, the leadership bought the lie.

So both the Gibeonites and Israel sinned against God.  The Gibeonites by lying.  The leaders of Israel by not obeying God.

So they should both be disciplined, right?  Not so fast…

In chapter 10 Gibeon is attacked by an alliance of 5 kings.  If you have followed much of the OT you may think that God would use this alliance to discipline both Gibeon – which by the way was under a death sentence until they conned Israel – and Israel.  Instead, not only does the Lord give victory, He fights for Israel.  Joshua 10:14, tells us that this was unique in the history of Israel.

Here two nations sinned.  But rather than discipline them, God in His mercy, not only does not discipline them but rather goes to war to protect and save them.

That gives me great peace, comfort, and hope.  I blow it all of the time.  If my effectiveness as a husband, father, friend, leader of a ministry, or whatever depended on my ability to always do the righteous thing, I would be without hope in this world.

It is only through God’s grace and mercy that I am able to do anything positive at all.

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