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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Common Response

It should not surprise me anymore.  But each time I experience it I am astounded.  As a result I live virtually in a constant astounded state.
What is the common response to the depth of the Word of God?  Thoughts at DTTB.
Right now I have five standing meetings a week that involve men in the Word either applying what they know in Bible study or learning skills to help them to dig into the Word themselves.  In each meeting this week men were profoundly impacted.  The ranged from joy in discovering new aspects of God’s nature and character, to emerging confidence in one’s ability to learn from the Word of God without the aid of secondary sources, to getting pulled deep into the text with a sense of overwhelming wonder at the depth and consistency of the text, to finally a renewed or new recognition of the hand of the ultimate author, the Holy Spirit, in richness of the text being studied.

These men are in four different states and two different countries.  Several are engaged in helping others in the Word themselves.  Some have or are currently engaged in helping others in different languages and cultures.  Regardless they respond the same way to the Word.

If you have not engaged in independent, personal, inductive study, why?  What is holding you back?  Dive in.  You are in for a real ride.

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