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Friday, December 20, 2013

Making Corrections

For the last couple of days I have asked what battles you fight.  I have been in some type of Christian ministry for the past 35 years.  Early in this journey I would quickly address things people said that did not align with Scripture.  I do not do that as much anymore.  I will address things, like I mentioned yesterday that either are a false gospel or remove the Bible from a believer’s hand but that is usually directed at those in leadership of an organization.
You ever feel the need to correct someone who has said something wrong about the Bible?  Thoughts at DTTB.
For those who are engaging in the Word in personal study, perhaps for the first time, I do not readily correct misunderstandings of what the Bible is saying.  There are at least two reasons.

First, it is my belief and conviction that John 16:13 is true; that when people get into the Word of God for themselves that the Holy Spirit will lead them into truth.  That journey to truth may come with some initial errors but it has been my experience that when people engage consistently in personal independent study, most errors tend to work themselves out.

Second, people need to discover truth for themselves through study.  If I correct them by giving them the “right” answer they have not learned.  It is much better if I point them in a direction having equipped them with the tools to dig for themselves.  I find that then the learning is much deeper.  The truth is theirs not mine.  It is not all – check that – it is not important what I know.  What is important is what the person I am helping can discover on their own.

So I do not correct as quickly as I did 35 years ago.  I leave room for the Holy Spirit to work in a persons understanding of the Bible.  I find that He does a much better job than I.

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