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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


So we had all of these plans for Christmas.  All of our family is here.  Most live here but my middle son and his wife live in Pennsylvania.  They came in Saturday night.  We had a scheduled planned until they left.  Those plans include several interfamily competitions.  That is because our family has a relatively large competitive spirit running through it.  So we had it all planned out…  But…
Is you Christmas working out as you planned?  Thoughts at DTTB.
Because of some travel challenges we got a late start yesterday, so the family went out to eat later than planned.  As a result there was no time to do the gingerbread house competition.  We may get to that later today…  While looking for the pickle on the tree my youngest son broke his flashlight, don’t ask.  When trying to fix it my middle son sliced open his thumb which required 5 stitches…  We all got to bed late – well early this morning.

My wife got up really early to make a big breakfast that we had planned…  But apparently there was something that everyone ate at the restaurant last night that did not sit well,  three of the kids were sick and a couple of others did not come…  So…

Proverbs 16:9 leaps to mind.  We had plans God had others.  There has been a lot of sleeping today.  That was probably needed.  Plus it may be that we just need to dial it back and simply enjoy each other’s company and the gift of grace that He has provided for us through the birth we celebrate tomorrow.

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