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Friday, November 29, 2013

What Will They See?

Last night I was driving from my father in law's house to my sister in law's house for dinner.  On the way we passed the local Walmart.  I was stunned.  The parking lot was completely full, the field behind the store was full of cars parked on the grass.  The shopping center next to the store was closed but that parking lot was full as well.  There was a fast food restaurant, also closed, next to Walmart, its parking lot was full as well.  In both directions at the light that served the store, cars were lined up several deep waiting to turn into the already overflowing store.
Your kids are always watching what will they think is important this holiday from what they see you do?  Thoughts at DTTB.
A couple of weeks ago during the Dads Teach the Bible Workshop, one of the men was sharing his kids reaction to his being in the workshop.  They have walked in on him preparing for the workshop.  That raised a lot of questions about what he was doing.  At supper just before the workshop he had not changed his clothes like he normally does.  Again that raised a lot of questions.  His answers?  He was studying the Bible.  That raised more questions.

Your kids notice what you are doing.  They learn what is important from what they observe.  In this season.  What will they catch you doing?

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