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Monday, November 11, 2013

Fulfilling the Law

In Galatians 6 this morning I think I found an answer to a question that has gnawed at me for many years.  It is not an easy answer, yet an answer I think it may be.
Have you ever wondered what it means to fulfill the Law of Christ...  Thoughts at DTTB.
The discovery started in verse 2.  From there I did a search for all of the places in the New Testament that had the words “fulfill” and “law.”  I was looking for what we are told we have to do to fulfill the law of Christ.  I eliminated those passages that did not deal with that and came up with this list.

Looking at those verses it looks to me like in order to fulfill the law of Christ we need to:
  • Love our neighbor as ourselves (that is mentioned 4 times)
  • Bear one another’s burdens (which would seem to be a corollary to the one above)
  • Walk according to the Spirit (which would be the only way that we could do the other two)
As I thought through this, these instructions seem to be exactly what Christ did for us.  He certainly loved us as Himself to the point of death on a cross.  Paul talks about that more in Philippians 2 where we are exhorted to have that same mindset.

He bore our burden of sin on the cross.  He did that as Romans 5 tells us while we were ungodly, sinners, enemies, and strangers.

He did not do any of this apart from what His Father told Him to do – essentially walking according to the Spirit.

To me that seems to be a fairly fully-orbed description of what it means to fulfill Christ’s law.  What do you think.

1 comment:

  1. It seems to make Biblical sense - to love my neighbor is the companion part of the two-fold summary of The Law given in the Old Testament and naturally carried over in the New. And certainly Christ perfectly exemplified it.

    As you point out, to bear my neighbor's burden is the corollary of loving him - it makes love more than a concept, but a verb, the doing of love. It prevents the "be warmed and filled and go in peace!" syndrome.

    The reality of my condition in this broken and sin-cursed world is that I have no real hope of beginning to love my neighbor at all consistently unless I am motivated and empowered by the divine power of the Holy Spirit. Without Him, I may do loving acts for him, but it can only be because it benefits me in some way, only if it simply makes me feel better about myself.

    That wears thin real quick left to my own resources.