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Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Walk Through Psalm 107 – Part 5

For this last post on Psalm 107 focus on the last section 33 – 43.  The last verse suggests that if we are wise we do well to consider well what the psalmist has shared.  What has he shared?  This last section describes God’s sovereign intervention in the lives of people by repeating 6 times things that “He” does.  A few examples:

Last post on Psalm 107.  Thoughts at DTTB.
  • Changes rivers into a wilderness
  • Fruitful land into a salt waste
  • Wilderness into a pool of water
  • Does not let the cattle decrease
  • Pours contempt upon princes
  • Sets the needy in security
All the way through this psalm we see that God is sovereignly engaged in both afflicting those who are rebelling and delivering them from affliction when they call to Him.

The picture we have is of a God who is engaged intentionally shaping events to lead people to trust Him.

As the psalmist suggests considering that carefully and choosing to base our lives on that truth would indeed be wise.

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