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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Warning: Contents May be Harmful to Your Eternity

Paul gives us a warning in Galatians 6:12 - 14.  It is a warning about false teachers.  The Bible is full of warnings both about and to false teachers in both Testaments.  It was a problem at the time both Testaments were written; I would submit that it is a problem now.
There is another way we can identify a false teacher...  Thoughts at DTTB.
Paul describes teachers who want to look good, by getting people to follow their teaching.  The teachers Paul was talking about were specifically teaching so as to avoid controversy or criticism.  Wonder if that happens at all today.  Can you think of issues that if a teacher spoke out on they would be criticized?  These teachers did not do that rather they got their people to follow them to do what they suggested, but Paul says they were not even doing what they were teaching.

So these teachers are essentially self protecting, self promoting, hypocrites.  They boasted about how many followers they had.  Paul in contrast only boasted of his relationship with Christ.

I won’t name names.  I will suggest that we need to look closely at those who stand to share the Word of God.  Following the content of a self protecting, self promoting, hypocrite might be harmful to our eternity.

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