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Thursday, March 23, 2017


I have not written since the 10th because I have been living answered prayer, miracles.
I have mentioned earlier in this blog that our family has been facing several life and death issues in the past seven months.  One of our children experienced a miscarriage, my wife’s mother passed away, my father had a car wreck that fractured several ribs, had emergency surgery, was hospitalized, was hospitalized and passed away, while I was admitted into the same hospital.

Over all of that one of our children was diagnosed with cancer when 9 weeks pregnant.  All of these together have taken us through a significant school of prayer.  The lessons learned in that area are too numerous to name.

Last weekend child who was pregnant with cancer delivered a healthy baby girl, 9 weeks early, after undergoing 6 chemo treatments.  The child graded out in the NICU four weeks older than she was at birth.  Her weight was double that of other children born in the same conditions.

Overwhelmed, thankful does not capture our emotion.  We are still dealing with the cancer, but at a level that is less than we anticipated, another miracle.  There are still significant needs, we still need one more miracle.  We are trusting Him.

However, Daniel 3:17 – 18, is guiding us.  He is able and has provided us with several miracles in the course of this stretch.  We trust Him.  We beseech Him.  But, regardless, we are thankful for His grace, mercy, and engagement with us.

1 comment:

  1. I am SO grateful to our loving and compassionate Father! What beauty is being worked in all your lives through all this trauma!

    Studying Mark lately and I am awed again by the compassion Jesus had for the suffers of His day, rejected by family and society. All it took was a word or a touch and all was restored better than it was before in their shattered lives.

    And this is but a glimpse of a day to come, when the victory Messiah won on the cross will be extended in a new heavens and new earth!

    Thank you, Mike, for giving us a small taste of that that day that will come, perhaps very soon. I pray so.