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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Given the Words

There are three passages that connected for me a few weeks ago.  I don’t know how it works for you but when I am working through the Word if there is a passage that is really speaking to me it tends to remind me of other passages I have studied or read.
Given the Words
Sometimes I remember where they are.  Other times I have to search for them.  I use my Bible program to find them.  Often I do not remember the exact wording.  So I have to search for a phrase or combination of words.

In just about every case the effort reinforces the message that the Lord has pointed out in the original passage.

Here are the three, in order:

  • Exodus 4:11 – 13
  • Luke 12:11
  • Luke 21:12 – 15

You’ll note the last two are connected.  That is because Luke 12:11 was the passage I remembered, the other was a cross reference after I located the passage – it is always a good idea to look at the context…

I was overseas a while back.  I was in a country that is hostile to Christianity.  We had been called to the police station.  Walking over there I was thinking of this passage and wondering what hymns Paul and Silas were singing in Acts 16:25.  It turned out that we did not need hymns.  The police were “concerned for the American’s safety”.  They wanted money from the people who had rented the house to us.

Regardless, these passages remind me that I am completely dependent on the Lord for the words I say.  Not just when under duress.  I need to be trusting Him even when, perhaps more so, I am engaged in discussions with believers.  Whether it is about our walk with God or our service for Him together, I need to trust Him for His words, His leading, not my words or ideas.

That requires, more than anything that I know, to do what Paul exhorts us to do in 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

Too often I engage my tongue before my prayer is in gear.


  1. I find a toxic river flowing through my life, which produces poisonous fruit more deadly than the tree in Eden's garden - self-sufficiency.

    This is of course preposterous as a superficial look at my life readily revels. It is helpful when God kicks away the crutches I assemble around my daily walk, which He is going about regularly. My response is usually anxiety. Ok, more accurately, unbelief. I pray often these days the prayer of the desperate father in Mark 9:24 (AMP): "Lord I believe! [constantly] help my weakness of faith!"

  2. oops wrong Luke References... I will fix