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Thursday, July 23, 2015


Ever wish you had more money?  Did not have to think about when and how to pay the bills?  Maybe just a little rich?  Ever been or known of a situation where there was a disputed inheritance?  Money issues make people crazy…
Jesus encountered people like you and me all through His ministry.  People who were either struggling with money or else were well off financially.  Luke 12:13 – 21 records one such encounter, this one about an inheritance.  A man asks Christ to tell his brother to divide the inheritance.  Christ refuses, and launches into the parable of the rich man and his barns.

Look at Luke 12:21.  It is Jesus’ bottom line.  He says there that the end of the rich man is for all who store treasure for themselves but are not rich toward God.  That stopped me.

Rich toward God.

Based on the parable the obvious response, my response, is I want that.  I want to be rich toward God.  But how?  How does one become rich toward God?  What are the steps?  Where does one start the process?  So I asked some people I know, and I will ask you…  How would you answer those questions?  How does one become rich toward God?

I will share what I learned tomorrow.