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Monday, July 27, 2015

Head Waiter

I read something a few days ago in Luke 12 that nearly knocked me out of my chair.  I have read it before, many times, but somehow it had not sunk in.  Frankly I get focused on Luke 12:48 and pretty much everything else blurs out…
Head Waiter
But look at Luke 12:37.  When the master finds his slaves on the alert, the master girds himself and waits on the slaves…what?  Peter got it.  He starts asking clarifying questions, not sure if he was taken aback or did not want to share the event, but He reacts similarly to the way he reacted – I am getting ahead of myself…

If I am reading this right, the image is of the creator of the universe serving those believers who are prepared when He returns.  I can read what it says but I cannot conceive of that actually being what is being said…but there it is.

How would you react?  If the Lord of the universe came to you to serve you…

John 13 gives us, perhaps, a clearer picture.  You know the story, Jesus girds Himself and begins to wash the apostles’ feet.  Peter again responds, “No you don’t.”  I totally understand why.  I would be frankly, terrified.  Peter by this time thought he knew who Christ was and he was certain that it was inappropriate for Christ to wash his feet, serve him.  Christ quickly disabuses Peter of that notion causing Peter to go all in.

The event in John 13 seems to mirror Luke 12:37.  In both cases Peter is struggling with what Christ is saying and doing.  I am too.  I have the benefit of Peter’s experience.  I have the full canon.  I have studied the life, ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ.  I know He came to serve.  I know He emptied Himself.  Somehow though the thought of my creator serving me in that way is overwhelming.

But I know I have to, like Peter, go all in.  Otherwise, I will have no part with Him…