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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Create Rage

Paul was good at getting people riled up.  Really good.  Look at 2 Corinthians 11:22 – 27.  People do not imprison, beat, scourge, beat with rods, or stone folks they really like.  Why was he so popular?  He shared the gospel.
How to Create Rage
One example, look at Acts 19:28.  Paul is in Ephesus, this is the place that he spent more time than any other, at one point teaching daily for two years, Acts 19:9 – 10.  It was the place that he called the elders to him to say goodbye on his way to Jerusalem and his eventual, Acts 20:17 – 38.  It is also the place that he sent Timothy to lead the church.

But look at Acts 19:28.  He filled the people there with rage.  Why?  The gospel was offensive to them.  It was in serious conflict with their world view.  Truth does not mix well with the world’s take on reality.  When people who are committed to lies are faced with truth they have at least four options:

  • Change their world view
  • Discredit the message
  • Discredit the messenger
  • Drown out the message

You have experienced this in arguments.  When a person’s point of view is challenged rationally and they do not want to change they tend to talk faster and louder, I think they believe that quantity and volume trumps fact.  This is what happened to Paul.  The Ephesian craftsmen’s livelihood was in peril.  So, option one was not viable.  So they went with three through four.

More and more, we as believers we will be faced with this reality.  John 15:20 promises that and Paul affirms it in 2 Timothy 3:12.

Buckle your seat belts; that is the assignment.