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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Truth Again

This morning I was thinking through the responses to my daughters status post on facebook from a couple of days ago.  A couple of verses came to mind.
Truth is found in knowing Christ through abiding in His Word.
  • John 8:31 – 32
  • John 14:6
The combination of those two verses creates a syllogism.
  • Knowing Truth = Freedom
  • Christ = Truth
  • Knowing Christ = Knowing Truth
  • Knowing Christ = Freedom
The other thing that is apparent from two verses is how to know Christ and the Truth, through continuing in His Word.  If you have studied John 15, you know that the word “abide” is prominent in that chapter, appearing 11 times in 1 – 16.  That same Greek word, meno, is the word that is translated “continue,” “abide,” or “hold to my teaching” in your Bible.  That word shows up 40 times in John’s Gospel.  It would be a profitable study to track down how John uses meno, especially since doing that leads to knowing Christ.

There are those who will say that this is only a Christian view of truth.  Truth is truth.

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