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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


There are parts of the Bible that I do not like very much.  Matter of fact I would like to edit them out.  It would make life a lot easier.
I would much rather cut some things out of the Bible than have to deal with what it says, not an option.
I found more this morning.  I think I would like to remove Hebrews 5:2, 2 Timothy 2:24 – 25; and Galatians 6:1.  Really!  You have to deal gently with the ignorant and misguided?  2:24 would not be so bad if the command was to, “be kind to some.”  And if we could toughen up that kind, patient, and gentle stuff, I could live with that.  Galatians 6:1, I am supposed to restore with gentleness, I would rather knock around with some focus.

It would be much easier to just cut these out…  Unfortunately, that is not an option.  So that leaves me with the reality that I have to change.  But I have tried that.  Looks like Christ is going to have to change me.  The only way that is going to be done is if I get to know Him better.

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