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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tom Clancy on Bible Study


I am a Clancy fan, re-reading all of the Ryan books right now in sequence a paragraph at a time during “breaks.”  I have noticed that he has said some things in his books that apply to Bible study, probably not on purpose.
“…I want you to sweep through all of your notes and do us a position paper, a good one.”  Ryan tapped his desk.  “I want it here Monday morning.”
“Because you are intellectually honest, Ben.  When you look at something you really look.”
“But you never agree with my conclusions!” Goodly objected.
“Not very often, but your supporting data is first rate.  Nobody’s right all of the time.  Nobody’s wrong all of the time, either.  The process is important, the intellectual discipline, and you have that locked down pretty tight, Dr. Goodley.”
The Sum of All Fears, p 563.
“You have to know the things you don’t know.  You have to figure out what the questions are before you can start looking for the answers.”
Debt of Honor, p 414.
Observation, intellectual honesty, and process, key elements of any inquiry, and the bedrock of good Bible study.  Reinforced by Tom Clancy.  Sherlock Holmes is another good source…

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