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Monday, December 4, 2017

Dealing with Distraction

I had started writing this post on November 10th.  While I was working through this, my son called from MD Anderson and told us that there was nothing more that could be done for his wife…  Only made it through the – below, it did not seem important, nor was I able to finish after that call.  But, I will finish it now:

In the September 4th entry I alluded to some time I spent in 2 Chronicles 14:2ff (here @ Bible Gateway).  Reviewing that, just now, there is more that needs to be said.
Dealing with Distraction
Some of this is a reaction to several of the conversations I have had with men these past few weeks.  As men we are in a continual battle.  The battle is – one of focus.  In 2 Chronicles 14:2 – 15:19 (here @ Bible Gateway), the ruthlessness of Asa’s commitment to eliminate distractions is documented.  He went so far as to remove his mother from her position because she was as distraction in that she was creating images that were leading others and potentially Asa away from the Lord.

We live in a distraction rich environment.  We are daily bombarded with distractions and strong marketing designed to increase our commitment to distractions and to the acquisition of more.

Each of us have different things that pull at us, distract us from the one thing that we are supposed to be doing.  The one thing that we are designed to accomplish.  For some it is sports.  For others, entertainment.  Yet for others, academic, business, or some other success.  The list could be and in reality is virtually endless.

The enemy knows what it is that will distract each of us.  He is faithful to make sure that we encounter our particular distraction on a regular basis.

Asa, worked hard to remove those distractions from his life.  But even he did not end well.  Look at 2 Chronicles 16:7 – 14 (here @ Bible Gateway).  The final distraction for Asa was a desire for victory over Baasha.  Rather than trust the Lord for victory, he used the treasure of the Lord to hire help.

My take away from this is that I am unable, on my own, to remove through diligence and discipline all of the distractions that are presented to me.  Rather, I have to continually trust in the Lord for focus.  I have to rely on Him, His work in my life, rather than my ability to follow him undistracted.  Asa reminds me that diligence, commitment, are not an adequate defense against a committed, powerful enemy.  I have to rely and depend on one who is stronger and has already defeated that enemy.

I am haltingly learning what it means to lean more effectively on His strength.