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Saturday, February 25, 2017

What’s the Rush

Ever find your mind wandering during the time you are supposed to be having your devotional?  Ever feel like you have to speed it up because you have more important things to do?
What’s the Rush
I have.

I find that the enemy knows me pretty well.  He knows how to distract me.  He does all that he can to keep me out of the Word and especially from thinking and praying through what I am reading.  He brings projects to mind.  He reminds me of stuff that I haven’t finished or need to get done.  He shares a great idea with me that has to be written down or I will forget it.

I find myself thinking I need to speed this up and get to what is really important.


You remember Mary and Martha in Luke 10:40 – 41.  Jesus told Martha what was important.  Hint, it wasn’t getting on with the day’s business.

Everyone I know is busy.  All of us have calendars that tend to get full – quickly.  We are always in a rush.  We are always connected – where is your cell phone?  Right?

In John 15:1 – 16 the word that is translated abide or remain in your Bible is repeated 11 times.  That may suggest it is important; don’t you think?  Observation, it takes time to abide.  One cannot be moving and remain.

It is counter to the times to slow down.  We are encouraged to do everything faster, more efficiently, and better.

Perhaps we need to reconsider Matthew 6:33 in light of the message of Luke 10:40 – 41 and John 15:1 – 16.

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