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Friday, February 24, 2017


Yesterday I asked you to look at John 15:11 and 1 John 1:3 – 4.

What did you see?

Did you notice that John said essentially the same thing that Jesus said?  Think about that.

John was physically in the presence of Jesus Christ for 3 years.  Yet, his joy is not complete unless he shares Jesus with us.  Further he states that if we accept his message, we have the same relationship with Jesus that he has.

Mind blowing.

It is also what Jesus prayed for him and for us in John 17:20 – 21.

1 comment:

  1. I would love to see some interaction on this. Joy is puzzling to me. It connotes that there are positive emotions involved. At least that is how we generally seem to use it in ordinary communications.

    But what if positive emotions are not here? Does that mean I don't have joy? John 15:11 in context seems to link joy with complete obedience to Jesus' commandments. Like "love one another as I have loved you," for example (Jn.13:14). Don't ask me how I'm doing on that one!

    Got a lot more to learn on this.