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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Immediate Zeal

Still working through Acts, look at Acts 9:19 – 22.  Paul immediately after regaining his sight began to proclaim the gospel in Damascus to the point that he confounded the Jews who were trying to refute him.
Immediate Zeal
God took Paul’s zeal to persecute the Church and repurposed it.  It is the case that God is sovereign over all of our lives including the period of time that we were not in relationship with Him.  In the case of Paul he was trained by the best Pharisaic legal minds.  He was a scholar.  He was devout.  He was committed to the cause.  All of that zeal, all of that knowledge was immediately channeled into a passion to share the gospel.

All of us who have come to the Lord have training and experiences prior to that decision.  It is the case that like Paul, God was sovereign over and intentional about those experiences.  He uses them to prepare us for the role that He has for us in His kingdom.

We need to celebrate the new convert’s zeal to share.  God has prepared him to do just that.

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