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Friday, September 2, 2016

Source of Hope Examined

Yesterday I suggested, well actually it was Samuel and Paul, that boldness in proclaiming our faith and trust in Christ is based on our rejoicing hope.  How does that work?  Why does it not seem to work more than it does?
Source of Hope Examined
I have mentioned that I recently returned from a two week mission in a country that is hostile to Christianity.  Sharing one’s faith is illegal.  Especially if one damages the faith of one who practices the dominant religion in that country.  Interacting with those who were in underground churches there, resulted in resistance to the notion of bold proclamation of the gospel, for fairly obvious reasons.

But one does not have to live in that type of culture to resist sharing the gospel.  In my experience, personal and observed, those of us who are believers are fairly creative in finding reasons why we should not speak to others about Christ.  The threat of rejection leaps to mind.  We build up rejection of the gospel as a personal attack.  We hesitate or do not share because we see doing so as involving some personal risk.  Whether that risk be loss of reputation, job, standing, or whatever.

That seems to indicate that those of us who are hesitant to proclaim boldly the grace of God to those who are doomed to a torturous eternity may have placed our rejoicing hope in something other than that grace given salvation that we say we have received.

Rather than rejoicing in the hope of our salvation, perhaps we are rejoicing in our comfort, the salary we earn, or our great standing in the community.

One question to ponder and then I will try to finish this tomorrow…  If we are obedient to our Lord and we are seeking His kingdom and righteousness first, what would be some reasons we would not proclaim the freedom He has provided us in Christ, in season, when it feels right and comfortable, and out of season when we feel threatened and diminished?

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