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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Change Agent – Part 6 – A Lesson?

Change Agent – Part 6 – A Lesson?In the last five posts we have followed Peter’s journey of change.  He held a conviction that prevented him from engaging in ministry to the majority of people on earth.  A conviction that he attributed to God.  A conviction that was formed not by God, but by man.

That should, at the very least, raise a number of questions for us.  What convictions do we hold that is cutting off our engagement with a people that God wants us to reach?  What are we requiring of people that God simply does not require?  How do we come to the point where we can discover that something that we hold as gospel, isn’t?

What did it take for Peter?  Is it reasonable to expect God to work with us in a similar way?

My vote is yes.  I will explain tomorrow.

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1 comment:

  1. I sure hope so.... One of the proven factors in our quality of life is hope for the "immediate" (this life, as opposed to eternal) future, a cause to live for. I read today that many people in our society in their 50's feel like their best years are behind them. For those people mortality goes way up.

    What about people who are 75? Who have just suffered major losses? Do I have a choice of how I feel about life now? Well, yes, I do. I can decide that my "life" is over, that it's just a matter of "running out the clock." But do I have liberty to conclude that?

    Not according to the Apostle Paul. Writing to his beloved friends in Philippi he confided that he desired most to die (he was facing possible martyrdom) and go to be with Jesus. I can relate.

    But He also said that for now, his conviction was that he still had important work on earth to serve the Philippians, to continue to build their faith and confidence in Christ. Since he also commended that others follow his example, that implies this normal life-situation also.

    There is empirical evidence, for the believer, as well. Since I am still here, if I am convinced of the purposes of God, it means there is yet work for me to do. There is an eternal purpose for me to pursue, as I have tried to do all my adult life. Some of that is obvious. But significant pieces are not.

    I'm counting on God to form a new conviction that I don't seem to have. I don't know if it's because of believing something wrong, as in Peter's situation, if it's just something different that needs developed that I already know, or something brand new, a change of course.

    I'm eager to see what you have to say, Mike.