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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Change Agent – Part 1

I am still working on my answer to the question about Peter but in the meantime I want to share an observation from Acts 9 – 11.  You know the context.  Saul has met Jesus on the road to Damascus.  While he is recovering and beginning his zeal for Christ, Peter goes to Joppa to raise Dorcas from the dead.  Peter sticks around Joppa for a few days.  He is up on the roof having a quiet time when God does the three sheets vision.  Meanwhile a few days earlier Cornelius was having a quiet time and gets word that he is supposed to send for Peter.  Cornelius sends three to fetch Peter and Peter comes with them to Cornelius’ home.  He tells them about the resurrection and the Holy Spirit shows up in a big way.
Ever wonder how to best effect change?  Thoughts at DTTB.
In Acts 10:28, when Peter arrives at Cornelius’ home he remarks that they know that it is unlawful for a Jew to associate with them.  That is simply not true.  That restriction does not appear in the Levitical law nor does it appear in Deuteronomy.  In fact it is counter to God’s purpose for Israel as a nation.  Isaiah 49:6, tells us that Israel is intended to be a light for the nations.  Further Psalm 78:5 – 8 outlines how God began to reveal Himself through the nation of Israel to the world.  It would be really difficult for Israel to be a light to the nations if it were unlawful for them to associate with said nations.

What is going on here?

In total this section of Acts is an incredible example of God’s gentleness with His servants.  In the next day or so I will unwrap more of what is happening here.  In the meantime, read through Acts 9 – 11 and make some observations of your own so you can compare notes with what I see.

1 comment:

  1. Challenging and stimulating, Mike. Another reminder for how easy it is to accept our traditions as "gospel" when they blatantly contradict the revealed purposes of God in His Word.

    David Platt in "Radical" indicates one assumption we American Christians (including me) easily make (unrecognized I believe) is that the affluence which sometimes accompanies faith is for our enjoyment rather than out stewardship."

    One of the challenges a couple of decades ago to my own life in various ways was entering into the lives of believers in the former Soviet Union. They didn't assume ease and comfort, but rather hardship and suffering. They weren't disappointed. And the Gospel was growing.

    I personally enjoy a comfortable life....