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Sunday, December 6, 2015


I have been writing this blog since November of 2011.  Until last year I had not missed a day.  This fall I have missed a few but never more than a day.  I got sick this week.  I went to bed Tuesday afternoon and basically got out of bed yesterday.  I canceled everything on my calendar.  It hurt to talk.  Since that is what I do in most of my meetings that made them impossible.
This blog has been a sustained obedience.  It seemed to me that the Lord was asking me to do this.  I am not doing this for the number of page views or likes, but out of obedience.  It was something that I thought and still think the Lord wants me to do.  So I do.

In the past when I missed, I felt some sense of loss.  I have been released from that.  I will still write everyday but it is no longer a task, it is more of a sense of worship – no that is not right, it is more of an offering…

The passage that comes to mind is Romans 12:1 – 2.  This is a living sacrifice with the purpose of being conformed to Him.  I think it is a reminder to me of what He is doing in my life each day.  The illness forced me to cancel two online studies with men who are in other countries halfway around the world, as well as the studies I have locally.  Those are the things that He has given me that have in the past seemed to give me value, significance, if you will.

The reality is – and I have written about this lately – He is enough.  What He does in my life daily is enough.  He is, or should be, the focus and all that I need.

It is a shame, I think, that it took putting me on my back for four days to remind me.


  1. You're ahead of Paul. God had to throw him into prison to get him to learn those lessons. A quick learner, I'd say.

  2. For me God had to take away from me the most precious relationship of my life to force me to get honest about a number of things in my relationship with Him. This is an ongoing journey that pulls me deeper and deeper, if not every day, at least every week. After nearly a year there is no end in sight....