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Monday, October 19, 2015

Importance of People

Upcoming Project
I just got off of the phone with a friend in another city.  We were talking about a project he is considering, and finalizing thoughts about a conference call he wants me on tomorrow morning.  The project is a way of engaging people in learning wisdom from the Bible through an app.  It may be a good idea.
Importance of People
But Will It Work?
During the conversation my friend remarked that the app will never replace life to life in passing the truth of Christ to people.  We talked about the way that some churches and organizations are modifying their message and services to reach certain generations or people groups.

Stay Tuned
I have a lot to say about that idea, more than I can cover today, so this will bleed over at least until tomorrow.

What Happens in Acts?
This conversation was against the background of my current study of Acts.  We are still in the overview stage of the study.  Last week I got the idea to track the people in Acts through the book as part of the overview.  That turns out to be more work than I anticipated.  I am through chapter 8 and there are 78 people or groups of people that have played a part or are mentioned thus far.

What are the implications of that?

The Early Believers Were Engaged
Tentatively, and when we work through Acts section by section I will attempt to validate this, it seems that people are important in the growth of the Body of Christ.  You may think that is obvious.  But based on the way some churches operate, I am not sure that it is.

No Strategy Other Than Life to Life
In Acts what we see, at least through the first 8 chapters, is people in the Body, going out to those who are not in the Body and sharing Christ with them, thus bringing them into the Body.  It is not the case that the apostles and those who have gathered around them are coming up with strategies to attract people to come to their gatherings.  Rather, in every case someone in the Body has shared with a person or a group that is not in the Faith resulting in their coming to Christ.

It is people going out of the fellowship to talk to people about Christ.  In eight chapters that is the M.O.

Is that the way we typically do things now?  If not, why?

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