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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Simple Faith

My third granddaughter was born blind.  After some months and an operation, she is now able to see.  In the past few months though she has begun to have trouble again.  One eye is not tracking as well as it has been.  So twice a day she wears a patch over one of her eyes to help correct that condition.  She will likely have another surgery.
Simple Faith
Jenny and I are keeping her, her sister, and one of her brothers this weekend.  This evening before they went to bed I read them two stories out of the Read Aloud Bible Stories vol. 1, The Man Who Was Too Little and The Man Who Couldn’t See.  The granddaughter who was born blind – she’s three – asked for the second.

After we read the story Jenny asked her if she thought that Jesus could heal her eyes.  She responded He does every day.”

We prayed that He would continue to do so.

I was reminded of the faith of a child.  It was matter of fact.  He takes care of me.  Not an issue. 

Makes me wonder when and why we start making things so complicated.

By the way, there are now 5 volumes of the Read Aloud Bible Stories.  We have just about worn ours out.  We used them with all of our kids.  We have given them all sets to use with their children.  We read them to the grandkids when they are here.  Highly recommend them.  You can get them here.  I just bought Volume 5.