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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Abiding Illustration

A few days ago I spoke at our church.  At one point in the message I was talking about the need to abide in the Word of God.  I used the following illustration.  Several people have told me it was helpful.  It is written to be shared orally…
Abiding Illustration
“It is to be our home.  We are to be intimately familiar with it – so much so that – well have you ever awoken in the night in your dark house, and not wanting to disturb your spouse got up and walked across your home in the dark, not being able to see anything, or even did so with your eyes closed.  In a few steps you know where the door is, you reach for the handle and you find it where you expect it.  You walk through the next room moving in a way to avoid the coffee table or lamp that you know is there.  You can do that because that is where you live.  In a sense you are adequate, equipped, to walk blindfolded in the dark throughout your home because you have lived in it, abided in it, for years.  That is the sense of abide, remain, continue here.  You know the Scripture well enough to navigate it blindfolded in the dark.”

You are welcome to use it if you find it helpful.

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